"FORTUNNA, more than a brand for our products, it is the way we are and think about our business. We want to be part of the solutions and not the problems. That is why we meet our customers' needs and not ours. Understanding what is missing, where we can be useful, what we can add to our customer's business. It is the road to excellence that challenges us and seduces us every time!”. André Araújo CEO from Meatrading

An area of 20000 m2 and a building with 5000 m2 building area.


The most modern technology, an instrument in the application of solid know-how, the result of a profound knowledge of the sector and an analytical and prospective look over a market with a feverish dynamic, where leadership is made of knowledge, ability to achieve and a great amount of creativity.

The new Fortunna production unit ensures standardization of the industrial processing of its products, lined up with the highest demands of the sector at an international level, implementing models that offer high flexibility and customization, within a framework of competitiveness and top excellence. This offer reaches restaurant chains, supermarkets and the table of thousands of clients from different countries that are the destination of its production. A brand recognized for the premium quality of its products reflects a production model that respects the most diverse aspects of the legal, environmental and animal welfare regulatory standards




Our food safety criteria are among the highest of standards.

We apply strict quality control throughout the production process, beginning with the origins of the animals to the consumer, thanks to traceability.


Both commercial partners and consumers expect safe and perfect food.

Our quality management system is based on principles and standard procedures in compliance with the quality management certification practiced and recognized by international operators.

Our processes are supported and verified by external consultants, in terms of quality assurance and food industry management.





A business based on a profound knowledge of the product and a specific ability to provide quick answers when opportunities arise in the international food market.


Our range of offer includes a wide range of solutions, adjusted in the level of the product, preparation, packaging and logistics, to the specific needs of each customer and each market.


Tenderness is the main meat quality attribute and is related to several factors, including muscle positioning and its request. Hence the extraordinary importance of a deep understanding of cutting technique.


According to the court to which it is subjected, the cow produces classified pieces in different categories. The meat of 1st category, is generally used for grilling, frying, roasting or stewing. The meat of 2nd and 3rd category,  are used in casseroles, stews or casseroles.


At FORTUNNA, our pre-packaged frozen meat maintains the same fresh quality. Through a freezing process using modern and appropriate technological conditions, we obtain a product that keeps intact the characteristics of origin and adds value that results in the convenience of an extended validity date, as well as other logistical advantages, notably those associated with the storage.

Efficiency in the delivery process to customers, and the guarantee of a rigorous response to orders, are essential elements to our team. In the domestic or international markets, using our own fleet or our transport partners, we work to ensure that all our deliveries meet the agreed conditions.